Knisco offer building certification for all types of buildings and structures.  Our role is to facilitate the building approvals process (including considering alternative solutions) from the schematic design phase through to the completion of the construction.  Along the way, we liaise with Fire Brigade and other stakeholders to reduce time delays and ensure the building is delivered efficiently through the building legislative framework. The range of services for building certification includes:

  • Commercial developments
  • Multi Residential developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Health-care buildings
  • Assembly buildings (Schools, shopping centres, stadiums, etc.)
  • Government projects (Incl. defence projects)


In the role of building code consultants, Knisco can:
  • Provide the technical expertise to assess performance solutions
  • Identify BCA compliance prior to the purchase of a property
  • Assist the design team in applying the BCA
  • Highlight significant cost saving items early in the design phase
  • Undertake building code audits
  • Provide general building code consultancy advice


Knisco prides itself on ensuring the 'age-old' role of a building certifier is disregarded and a new fresh approach is adopted by working with the project team. Knisco promote a company which allows flexibility and innovation in the design and construction of buildings, whilst ensuring building code compliance is achieved.