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Knisco Staff Profile: Bernard 'Bernie' Gericke

Jul 04, 2016

Bernie will be moving to Perth this month to spearhead operations in our WA office, so we thought we better find out a bit more about him.  

See you later Matt!

Apr 11, 2016

Knisco certifier, Matt Bennett is taking up a position in Nepal for next year to assist in earthquake recovery and policy implementation.  

Tech Information: BCA 2016 Changes

Apr 11, 2016

BCA 2016 – A Quick Overview (To download this information in a comprehensive PDF, click here). Background

Knisco Staff Profile: Sean Igoe

Apr 01, 2016

We had a chat with the newest face in the Knisco office, here’s what Sean had to say:                                                       

Tech Information: Signage

Dec 02, 2015

Our building certifiers at Knisco frequently get requests to clarify requirements for statutory signage.                                    

Knisco staff profile: Franco Velasco

Dec 01, 2015

We sat down with one of the Directors of Knisco to find out a bit more about him. Here are four things he shared: