Tech Info: New Legislation & External Cladding

Posted on January 14, 2019

Issues arising from external wall claddings are the subject on ongoing investigations around the country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Queensland government has introduced range of new legislation some of which is summarised below:


  • New legislation effective 1st October 2018,  all about registering & information gathering at this stage.
  • Applies to Class 2-9 buildings only (existing & under construction) with BA issued between 1 Jan 1994 & 1 Oct 2018
  • Basically, it’s a 4 step process to follow with time frames stipulated with Queensland Building Constructing Commission (QBCC) as the administrator/regulator
  • Any proposed works associated with external claddings  is no longer deemed ‘Self-Assessable’.....must follow certification process an obtain building approval
  • Refer link to DHPW Safer Building - lots of info and easy to read /FAQ -

QBCC Safer Building Checklist  (4x parts)

Part 1

·       Owners to complete /register their buildings / QBCC online  website

·       Due date: 29 March 2019


Part 2

·       Engage Building Industry professional

·       Submit a professional statement

·       Due date: 29 May 2019


Part 3 (a)

·       Engage Fire Engineer

·       Register their details on Cladding checklist

·       Due date: 27 Aug 2019


Part 3 (b)

·       Engage Fire Engineer

·       Carry out inspection / complete risk assessment checklist

·       Submit a professional statement

·       Due date: 3 May 2019

If you would like any information regarding this, please get in touch with our certification team on (07) 3852 2080.