LHA Design Guideline Assessors at Knisco

Posted on October 09, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have recently become registered with Liveable Housing Australia (LHA) as LHA Design Guideline Assessors! 


This means that we can now assess compliance for dwelling design against the requirements of the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines, which specifies three performance levels as follows—

·         SILVER LEVEL – the silver level focuses on key structural & spatial elements that are critical to ensure future flexibility and adaptability

·         GOLD LEVEL – the gold level provides more generous dimensions for most areas and introduces new elements in kitchens and bedrooms

·         PLATINUM LEVEL – the platinum level incorporates further enhancements and would better accommodate ageing in place and people with higher mobility needs.


NOTE: Whilst compliance with the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines is non-mandatory, it is important to note that the recent QLD Building Plan included a proposal to increase the uptake of liveable housing design in new Queensland dwellings.   With the expected increase in the ageing populations, Knisco anticipates that uptake of liveable housing will only increase as time goes by; therefore, it is something we recommend our clients consider as part of their residential projects.


What is a Liveable Housing Design?

A liveable home is designed and built to meet the changing needs of occupants across their lifetime.  To do this, a liveable home includes features that make them easy to enter, easy to navigate, capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation, and responsive to the changing needs of a home’s occupants.  By doing this, a liveable home is easier and safer to use for all occupants including—

·         People with disability

·         Ageing persons

·         People with temporary injuries, e.g. sporting injuries.

·         Families with young children

If you have any questions on the above, feel free to contact the office on (07) 3852 2080.